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Tropical Leaves

Our promise

Hope & Ted have made a promise to plant 25 trees for every order placed from June 2021. Together, our contribution helps remove 0.5 tonnes of CO2 for every 25 trees planted. These trees are planted all over the world but our projects are prodiminently in Africa. Why not in the UK you may say? To find out more follow to links below. 

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Most of the energy generated in Vietnam (about 65% in 2015) is produced from coal and oil.

The estimated power output for this plant is 50MW, producing annual emissions reductions of just over 60,000 tonnes of CO2. 

This project provides around 36,000 local people with access to clean energy each year, and also provides well-paid employment opportunities for local people – around 2.5x higher than the local average salary.

For more info follow the link...

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Mangroves are a small, coastal tree species that occur worldwide in the tropics and subtropics, and are particularly proficient at absorbing carbon and storing it in their extensive root systems underground. Carbon stored in mangrove forests is considered blue carbon, because it is stored on the coast. In addition to their excellent carbon sequestration abilities, mangroves provide excellent flood and storm protection to the coastal area itself.


For more info follow the link...



Forests within this area in Guatemala are important nationally and internationally for the ecosystem services they provide. However they have experienced a continued reduction in biomass due largely to deforestation by small-scale farmers and medium to large scale cattle ranchers that have sought to expand their activities or have been displaced by agro-industrial expansion.

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